Walter has returned every phone call to me with sincere concern for my parents. He has always told them that no matter when and what their needs are to please call him and he or one of his helpers will be their to help. He is a very unusual and dedicated person with a real compassion for helping seniors. What a wonderful person to have in our area.

— James S.

My sister, who lives near my mother, suggested that I contact Seniors Helping Seniors when she became too ill to care for Mom. Since I am from outside Florida I was eager to put a system of care together for Mom on one of my short trips to see her. Walter was outstanding in his understanding and flexibility to meet my mother's needs. I can't say enough positives about this organization!

— Wayne L.

My mom is in end stage dementia (Alzheimer's) and I hired Seniors Helping Seniors to visit with her on the days that I was unable to visit her at the nursing home. The seniors have been a God send, reading to her and checking up on her while I am working. It is a great comfort to her to know someone is there, and a great comfort to me for the same reason.

— Dianne B.

I am blessed with a wonderful mom that dedicated her life to raising her children and taking care of her family. Since the roles have reversed now, it was my duty to give her that same care and love as she provided us. When I found Seniors Helping Seniors I was so grateful to find the help and respite I so desperately needed. They found mom the most wonderful woman to assist in her care and have been there 100% in any of her needs. I was even able to go away for a short vacation without any concerns for moms well being and safety. They are truly top and I recommend this company highly.

— Jodi J.

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