I began working with Seniors Helping Seniors when my 89 year old father, who was in the early stage of Dementia, began needing help to continue living independently. Initially, the help focused on accompanying him when he drove his own car. Over the past several months, it has progressed to providing all his driving needs, along with in-home care and companionship. My Dad's experience has been extremely positive. For starters, I can't rave enough about Larry Richards, my Dad's primary caretaker. Larry is experienced and versatile in his capabilities -- from assisting with home maintenance and repairs, to acting as a liaison with airline personnel to facilitate priority travel arrangements, to arranging social get togethers, and even helping to prepare my Dad's income tax returns! Most importantly, he is positive and upbeat, extremely patient and truly kind. He constantly goes beyond the call of duty and takes great pride in his work. The trust and close bond of friendship he has formed with my Dad has made all the difference in the world. Along the way, our family has consulted with Walter Gwinn (Manager, Jupiter and Martin County) frequently on how and when to increase the level of care. Walter has always been responsive and flexible, and his experience and compassion have made the emotional challenges and many difficult decisions so much easier. I could not imagine a better organization, in terms of the quality of the caregivers, and their professionalism and authentic approach to care. Under Walter's management, I would not hesitate to give the entire organization my highest recommendation.

— Nancy M.