I contacted Seniors Helping Seniors after my 87 year old mother who lives alone in Jupiter, was discharged from rehab following a bad fall. She was very hesitant to have a stranger come into her home a few days a week to assist her with tasks she could no longer perform without help. After explaining the situation to Walter, he proposed we meet with the Senior he was recommending for the job. The discussion went well so my Mom agreed to try the service. Because of Sr Helping Sr, she was able to remain in her home. But more importantly when I speak to my Mom, I can tell that she has not only benefited from the physical assistance provided, but looks forward to seeing her caregiver. Sr Helping Sr has really enriched my Mom's life as well as providing the care she needs to continue living alone.

— Larry K.

I can’t say enough about the great service provided by Seniors Helping Seniors. Mom had several personal caregivers over several months who were all wonderful. They were caring, personable, and kind. They worked above and beyond what was expected. Mom especially liked the great meals they prepared. Mom particularly liked Kathryn. She is a treasure. We have recommended her to two other ladies in Mom’s building.

— Catherine H.

I began working with Seniors Helping Seniors when my 89 year old father, who was in the early stage of Dementia, began needing help to continue living independently. Initially, the help focused on accompanying him when he drove his own car. Over the past several months, it has progressed to providing all his driving needs, along with in-home care and companionship. My Dad's experience has been extremely positive. For starters, I can't rave enough about Larry Richards, my Dad's primary caretaker. Larry is experienced and versatile in his capabilities -- from assisting with home maintenance and repairs, to acting as a liaison with airline personnel to facilitate priority travel arrangements, to arranging social get togethers, and even helping to prepare my Dad's income tax returns! Most importantly, he is positive and upbeat, extremely patient and truly kind. He constantly goes beyond the call of duty and takes great pride in his work. The trust and close bond of friendship he has formed with my Dad has made all the difference in the world. Along the way, our family has consulted with Walter Gwinn (Manager, Jupiter and Martin County) frequently on how and when to increase the level of care. Walter has always been responsive and flexible, and his experience and compassion have made the emotional challenges and many difficult decisions so much easier. I could not imagine a better organization, in terms of the quality of the caregivers, and their professionalism and authentic approach to care. Under Walter's management, I would not hesitate to give the entire organization my highest recommendation.

— Nancy M.

Comfort Execution are clear points of emphasis with Skip and his people at Seniors Helping Seniors. From the moment I spoke to the owner, Skip, it was clear we had made Seniors Helping Seniors of Martin County the right choice. He is very detail oriented, compassionate, and his follow up is always on time, specific, and he makes sure my mom gets 5 Star service. His drivers have been kind, professional, prompt, and respectful. Billing is also customer friendly. In a stressful situation with many variables, it is comforting to take one piece of the puzzle off the table with the services of Seniors Helping Seniors of Martin County. Highest recommendation.

— Greg P.

Seniors Helping Seniors has been an ideal senior service provider for my 95 year old mother who's desire it is to continue to live independently in her own home. They provide the perfect combination and amount of assistance and companionship my mother needs to give her and our family complete peace of mind! Seniors Helping Seniors is and has been a blessing for my mother and our family.

— Pat I.

I have enjoyed the assistant I have gotten through this organization. They are kind, considerate and effective. The prices are fair and the help is good, on time and is exactly the type of assistance. Basically I would say that I am delighted that I called for help.

— Maryon G.

Walter has returned every phone call to me with sincere concern for my parents. He has always told them that no matter when and what their needs are to please call him and he or one of his helpers will be their to help. He is a very unusual and dedicated person with a real compassion for helping seniors. What a wonderful person to have in our area.

— James S.

My sister, who lives near my mother, suggested that I contact Seniors Helping Seniors when she became too ill to care for Mom. Since I am from outside Florida I was eager to put a system of care together for Mom on one of my short trips to see her. Walter was outstanding in his understanding and flexibility to meet my mother's needs. I can't say enough positives about this organization!

— Wayne L.

My mom is in end stage dementia (Alzheimer's) and I hired Seniors Helping Seniors to visit with her on the days that I was unable to visit her at the nursing home. The seniors have been a God send, reading to her and checking up on her while I am working. It is a great comfort to her to know someone is there, and a great comfort to me for the same reason.

— Dianne B.

I am blessed with a wonderful mom that dedicated her life to raising her children and taking care of her family. Since the roles have reversed now, it was my duty to give her that same care and love as she provided us. When I found Seniors Helping Seniors I was so grateful to find the help and respite I so desperately needed. They found mom the most wonderful woman to assist in her care and have been there 100% in any of her needs. I was even able to go away for a short vacation without any concerns for moms well being and safety. They are truly top and I recommend this company highly.

— Jodi J.

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